10 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Your Online Competition

10 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Your Online Competition

Staying ahead of your online competition is tough. It goes without saying, that you have to know your competitors. Who are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses. How do they compete against you? How do you compete against them? Do you play to your strengths? Can you identify your competitive advantage (particularly from your customers’ point of view).

Here are some questions you need to be able to answer about your competitors:

  • How good are your competitors’ websites?
  • How good are your competitor’s social media platforms?
  • What social content works for your competitors?
  • What Facebook content works for your competitors?
  • What customers say about your competitors?
  • What keywords work best in your competitors’ Pay Per Click ads?
  • What inbound links are your competitors using?
  • Do you have enough share of voice?
  • How big is your competitor’s marketing team and budget?
  • What are people saying about your competitors?
  • Who are your new content marketing competitors?
Dennis Tapfuma About the author

Dennis Tapfuma has spent the last 12 years as digital delivery consultant for some of the world’s leading brands and digital agencies. He has served as an digital agency Programme Director and Consultant delivering digital programmes for clients which include Unilever, GSK and P&G.