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The African Digital Consultancy design and implement high-impact digital strategies for African businesses and global organisations. We unlock trapped value in urban African markets and provide digital market intelligence to equip executives with a deep understanding of customer needs and preferences. Our Digital Strategy approach is underpinned by the fusion of Digital Market Data Analysis and Behavioural Insights. Through surfacing actionable insights, your digital business strategy is driven by real-time data. The African Digital Consultancy provides companies with a clear strategic digital vision to help you drive digital engagement and accelerated business growth from the burgeoning digital economy in Africa.


We focus on providing you with clear actionable strategies on how to grow your online audience, how to encourage interactions with your brand, how to increase conversions and ultimately foster brand loyalty and advocacy.

We are insight driven and combine extensive research with the latest thinking in customer psychology, behavioural economics and consumer trends.
Our three stage approach uses proven methodologies to help you get closer to what your customer expects digitally. We use the Discover, Define and Deliver approach to bring life to the digital solution.

After the solution is delivered, we provide on going analysis to ensure we provide value to help you grow and stay ahead of your digital transformation journey. Find out more about our approach below.



The Discover phase takes place at the start. This is research dedicated to understanding the digital needs and priorities of your customers, stakeholders, employees and executives.



The Define phase consists of creating a framework based on the results of the Discover phase. Once a deeper understanding of your current business landscape is developed, an overall digital solution is defined.



The third stage delivers the overall solution, normally against an agreed scope. Guided by solid project management principles, Deliver brings to life, the Discover and Define phase.


We specialise in the following bespoke digital services;

Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy approach is insight driven and builds on extensive research, persona development, analysis, stakeholder workshops and strategic thought leadership. Digital objectives for your business are set by channel and communication to inform subsequent strategic and creative development.

Data Analysis

We help you leverage digital data so that you able to gain deeper insight into your customers. Our data analysis ensures that you are able to surface the actionable insights to apply to your business. We also use real-time data to enable evidence based decision making for your marketing teams.

Research & Insights

We combine extensive research and insights with the latest thinking in customer psychology, behavioural economics and consumer trends. This helps you define your audiences and understand their interests, pain points and preferences. Based on robust insights, we develop recommendations to help you optimise your digital marketing efforts.


We are living in a new digital paradigm where your customer's expectations are constantly evolving. People live and interact in a connected world where their expectations from digital products and services are not set by your competitors but by the experiences they have every day. They expect services which offer the simplicity of Google, the convenience of Uber and the intelligence of Amazon. Your business is not immune to these changes – the bar is rising and your customers expect a digital service fit for this connected world. Interactions must be seamless and customers demand instant satisfaction. The stakes are high and the cost of doing nothing is significant.

Digital is blurring the lines between industries and market sectors, placing fresh demands on you to stay ahead of the curve. It is no longer enough to simply create a website, run a few ads on Google and Facebook. In an attention based digital economy, the challenge isn’t to reach more people, it’s to make the right people care and keep them engaged.

Company executives now have to re-think their digital marketing strategies and place emphasis on a deeper understanding of customer needs. At African Digital Consultancy we help you do just that. We combine extensive research, insight with the latest thinking in customer psychology, behavioural economics and consumer trends. We monitor your business products and relevant topics within your industry to surface actionable insights. Through the use of sophisticated data mapping we can achieve high value market intelligence for your Digital Business Strategy.


Dennis Tapfuma has spent more than a decade working in senior roles, including Programme Manager and Project Director delivering digital projects for agencies and corporate clients in London. He has worked with leading firms such as Accenture, SapientRazorfish, POSSIBLE, HAVAS, Wunderman, and Ogilvy.

As a Senior Digital Consultant, Dennis has managed the delivery of Digital Strategy, User Experience, Global Web Platform Builds, Digital Marketing Campaigns, CRM Strategy and Implementation and Digital Transformation for a number of clients. These include Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline and Emirates. "We focus on helping companies understand the importance of digital and the role it plays within their businesses," says CEO and Founder, Dennis Tapfuma. "Through offering a suite of bespoke Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing services, we provide companies with the right tools and innovation to succeed in their Digital Transformation efforts. From implementing digital platforms to consulting on what digital should be doing to grow your business."
African Digital Consultancy


Our new documentary, Africa Rising - A New Tech Revolution, tells the story of Africa’s Tech journey and the opportunities that Mobile and Tech innovation is bringing. From Healthcare, Agriculture and Education to Fintech and Blockchain. Africa is leapfrogging many parts of the world having skipped obsolete technologies and is catapulting straight to modern tech. This has huge positive implications for the continent and African start ups are playing a revolutionary role in solving real world needs. Africa is going digital and the story has only just begun. Something exciting is happening in Africa right now. You can watch the full documentary here.