Planning for Digital Success

Planning for Digital Success

Before you build your house you must ensure that there is a solid foundation. Without a strong foundation, your building will collapse. The same principle applies to digital marketing. Without a solid digital strategy, your efforts will be directionless and you’ll lurch from one idea or crisis to the next. Inevitably, leading to failure.

To achieve frictionless digital planning from the onset, you need to know where you are now, where you want to go, and by what means you can get there. Adopting a logical planning strategy ensures that you are focussed and not wasting time and money on random campaigns that don’t lead to substantial growth. By researching the market in your industry you can set clear objectives and activities to define your digital opportunity.

The best way to do this is to begin with understanding the Who, What Why and How. The Who establishes who is your ideal customer and defines in detail their attributes, motivations and pain points. Developing Personas is the most effective way to nail the Who. The What gives you insights into your customers needs and what the sentiment is around your industry. The Why delves into why they are buying a product or not buying, following or sharing on social media, keep returning to your site or leaving your site quickly. The How looks at how customers purchase and what their digital journey looks like. How many visits does it take before they eventually purchase and what are the emotional triggers to purchase?

When you master the Who, What, Why and How it becomes easier to choose which channels to reach them and what tone of voice use when communicating with them.


  • What are your customers’ needs? What do they really want?
  • What do your customers like (or dislike) about your product/service?
  • What are your customers’ future needs?
  • What are your visitors’ needs and what are they interested in?
  • What marketing content do your visitors specifically like?
  • What marketing content do your influencers like?
  • What part of your content does your audience like?
  • What is being said about you (or your product type) locally? What’s trending?
  • What stage are your visitors at in the buying process?
  • What percentage of your visitors view your site on a mobile?


  • How do customers buy (what is their online journey)?
  • How many visits to your platform does it take before they make their first purchase?
  • How long and how many channels do your visitors use? e.g Facebook 2 hours a day, Instagram 1 hour a day.
  • How many pages are ideal during a visit?
  • How do your customers process information?
  • How do customers prefer to view initial information?
  • How do customers perceive your website?
  • How do some videos work better than others?
  • How do some words work better than others?
  • How do customers see things differently on their mobile?


  • Why do your visitors return to some sites and not to others?
  • Why do your visitors not convert?
  • Why do your Facebook followers not share your posts?
  • Why aren’t your customer buying from your site?
  • Why do you your customers buy from you or follow you on social media?